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Using the treadmill

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Using the treadmill

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    1. Wear appropriate clothing, especially shoes, before exercise to choose a pair of comfortable, comfortable shoes.

    2. Use the treadmill before you check the placement of running machine is stable, mesa is dry.

    3. The feet to stand on the treadmill before you start on either side of the foot part, and the emergency brake clip clip on clothes. When all are finished debugging, running machine began to turn to put the foot on the mesa of running machine, if it's the first time use, need to put both hands on both sides of the handle.

    4. The movement of the eyes to see, don't suddenly turned to, more don't look back, otherwise you will make you lose your balance.

    5. If you have bad sense of balance and running don't carrying heavy things.

    6. Don't pour ran on the treadmill, or do something